Roaming Reddingakaffi

10. maí
föstudagur 10.maí kl. 9:00 sunnudagur 12.maí kl. 18:00
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Roaming Reddingakaffi: A Journey into Repair and Sustainability

Event by the RVK Tool Library!

Join The Munasafn for an event in collaboration with Góði hirðirinn, UU, and ICE Arctic Youth Community, as we embark on a mission to empower youth with the Right to Repair. Our event aims to ignite a passion for the right to repair, equip you with practical repair skills, and inspire you to carry this essential knowledge back to your community. Together, we'll build a future where nothing is wasted, and everything is kept in the loop.

Hosted by Hringrasarsetur Íslands with the generous support of the Erasmus Solidarity Corps.

When: May 10th, 11th, and 12th
Where: Góði hirðirinn

Enjoy complimentary lunch throughout the event and a pool visit on Saturday, May 11th on us. Availability is exclusive to 30 participants. Accommodation is provided for attendees from outside Reykjavík. Secure your spot through our first-come, first-served registration, with priority given to individuals aged 18-35. Embrace this opportunity to make a difference, one repair at a time.